Comed Pays for your Upgraded Service?

Had a good incident occur over the past several weeks that would like to share. So we have a potential buyer for a commercial building and the buyer needs to have heavy power at the new building. Normally an upgrade like this could run up to $20,000, however, when contacting ComEd they informed us that much of this cost will be covered by them! They want the higher power generated in the building, i.e. added revenue for them, and looks like the buyer will get most of the upgrades done at minimal cost! This was a great find especially for growing businesses that might not be too thrilled with relocating their facility do to special needs such as power. Know of anything like this you have experienced, let me know would love to hear of other similar situations where the utility companies are working with us to help businesses prosper. With all the gloom and doom we hear about our State and Chicago governments debt and pension woes, nice to hear a good story once in a while, so forward any you might have for all. Any Commercial RE issues or questions you have, let me know.