Wow, this guy is really crazy about Selling, Surviving and Thriving!

Wow, I have to admit this is one hyped up, over the top, super successful entrepreneur and if you are anything like me, you will love to hear him rant about getting more business, 10xing your business, and why some people don’t get more business. I was searching You Tube for one of the Commercial Real Estate guys videos I follow and came across this crazy man, Grant Cardone. I love to hear success stories and not some Ivory Tower how to be successful bull, but from someone who had done it and especially nice if they are still alive to talk about it! (Zig Z was one of my all-time go to’s whenever I hit a rut) Trust me, if you look this guy up on You tube you will be blown away, he likes to call everyone Dude, Man, Bro…and he is probably older than I am (which by the way today is my birthday, Yahoo!) Check him out and remember, anything to do with real estate buying selling or leasing call me and I will help make you money! Have you ever heard of this guy, if so let me know and if not go see his You Tube Vids and tell me what you think!