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Vintage Apartments Value Add Opportunity

Polger: “Our current investment thesis is that as a direct result of this dichotomy, there is much more room for measurable rent growth with the older properties, especially after they are improved and modern amenities are added.”   Renting continues to be the way for many to go these days with fewer opting to make …

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Chicago Industrial Vacancy All Time Lows

http://www.rejournals.com/2016/09/27/low-vacancy-high-demand-the-factors-keeping-industrial-cap-rates-strong-in-chicago/   Investors from $500k to $1.5M are actively searching for property! We see this trend across the Counties we serve, as available supply continues to tighten for users, combined with the need 1031 buyers have for replacement properties, this makes a solid, leased industrial property or any property for that matter attractive for investors. …

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$8.8 Million for a Chicago Parking Lot

No one pays that kind of money for parking yet a developer in Chicago feels this is a good long term move and will use for parking for the “foreseeable future”. However it is a one example of looking at what could be vs what is there today and how the Investment Community Pros view …

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US Commercial Real Estate is a bargain…

Neighbors north out spending China by a lot…valuations have room to grow!     Canadians snap up U.S. commercial real estate at record pace – BNN News http://buff.ly/1tlOcmU

Ok so you don’t want to pay $16.50/SF for Rents!

How about Chicago Mag Mile tenants paying $400+ per square foot for prime retail. Sound high, try $3,500/sf on 5th Ave. New York. We all realize its relative to where your business is yet sometimes we forget what deals are in the suburbs, where many of these stores sell the same goods found at the …

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Add a little competition and it becomes fun!

Chicago tech startup Matchup.io gets $800,000 to tackle employee fitness – John Pletz Technology Blog – Crain’s Chicago Business http://buff.ly/1xl1ar7

Industrial Markest Showing Positive Signs

More indications the Industrial markets are coming back, increased deal flow and some areas Cap Rates are declining, meaning prices are going up… http://www.globest.com/news/12_983/chicago/industrial/CCIM-Industrial-Activity-Picks-Up-in-3Q-352317.html?ET=globest:e44774:809650a:&st=email&s=&cmp=gst:Chicago_AM_20141110:editorial

Rising Rents? Lake Zurich, Lake County areas?

Recent article about projected rent increases due to lack of supply. Some classes such as apartments continue to see increases, yet others, are somewhat flat. Like the weather, real estate is local market driven and around here Lake Zurich, Barrington, where vacancy rates are around 5% for Industrial, we are seeing rent increases per square …

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