Lake Zurich Commercial Lease Rates: Bait & Switch

lake zurichLake Zurich Commercial Lease rates $6.95/sf, but the lease says closer to $10; Why?

This I hear all the time from those who are new to the process of commercial leasing of space be it office, industrial or investment in the Lake Zurich market or really anywhere in North Chicago Suburbs of Lake and McHenry County. Now that the internet has provided the vehicle to advertise to the masses many would-be tenants are stunned when they inquire about a property and find out the advertised rate isn’t really the true rate. Is this unethical, maybe/probably yet many times thats how its done. For those looking for lease space, if they are trying to do it alone, without the aid of an experienced COMMERCIAL Broker, then it’s tenant beware. Much like the residential websites sites I used to wrestle with when I sold houses, there is much misinformation online about property and unless you are a broker or can get to the right broker or can get the right broker to call you back, you really can spin your wheels. Bottom line, know if you are getting a quote that is a Gross, Net, Net Net or triple Net. Is it a modified gross or full service. Sound confusing, its really not, but thats what I do…once I consult with the new client and find out all their needs, timeframes, and overall goals, then I qualify these questions and many more as the search begins. Questions about commercial leasing, send them over, I like challenges!